Linkbaiting Techniques to Rank Higher

Links from other websites to your website or blog are very important. This is because they bring in more referral traffic as well as help your website rank higher in search engines. The whole process of getting links from other websites is slow. However, if you know how to use proper linkbaiting techniques to your… Read More »

Best WordPress Permalink for SEO

In the world of SEO the best content management system to use must be WordPress, but upon further inspection you will notice that you still need to tweak it a little for SEO. One of the most important WordPress settings is Permalink for SEO or the URL structure. A new WordPress installation has a default… Read More »

Welcome to Petrichorpost

I think that the welcome post is the most difficult one to write. Maybe because it has no topic and it used for defining your website. Well, breaking tradition a little; cannot be defined because it needs to mould itself into whatever it would like to be. However, here is the official welcome; I… Read More »